Baby Is Born Without A Jaw And The Ability To Speak. 20 Years Later, He Reveals His Hidden Talent

His Second Home


Since the moment he was born, Phoenix Children’s Hospital has been his second home. He has gone through numerous surgeries and treatments for the past 20 years. The PCH is a part of the parent organization, Children Miracle Network Hospitals, whose aim is to raise money for the injured and ill kids as well as to raise funds for children’s hospitals, medical research, and community awareness of children’s health issues. Isaiah eventually became a volunteer in the hospital, helping other kids with similar problems.


Having spent most of his life inside the walls of the hospital, he befriended many kids there and he dedicated his life to helping them accept themselves for who they are, and not for whom the society wants them to be. That’s why, when offered a cosmetic jaw, he refused it because it wouldn’t actually provide a better quality of life but only make him more appealing to our eyes. That was not something he was willing to risk his life for.

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