Baby Is Born Without A Jaw And The Ability To Speak. 20 Years Later, He Reveals His Hidden Talent

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The next year, Isaiah and Trap released another song “Hate is for the Weak” about the harassment and bullying Isaiah had been going through since going viral. They really liked working together and Isaiah appreciated the fact that Trap took him seriously. The point of rap music is to give a voice to the voiceless and Trap had the opportunity to do exactly that, which, for him, was priceless.


Although it wasn’t his voice on the recording, Isaiah was the one picking the beat and picking the production because Trap wanted the end-result to be the way Isaiah had envisioned it to be. “I also loved what he’d written and could tell immediately that he had talent. It was an incredible experience to work with Isaiah and interpret his poetry to come across as a rap song,” Trap said to PEOPLE Magazine.

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