Baby Is Born Without A Jaw And The Ability To Speak. 20 Years Later, He Reveals His Hidden Talent

The Untold Miracles


In July 2019, Isaiah gave an interview for the Untold Miracles Podcast with Kelli Davis. He talked about the miraculous circumstances around his birth and the medical challenges, and how he had overcome bullying. He advised other kids facing the same hardships to talk to their parents and encouraged them by saying they were not alone. He raised awareness about children with disabilities by saying that he had a lot of friends with serious, life-threatening conditions and the only thing they wanted was to be treated like everybody else.

Making a Difference


He dedicated his whole life to helping others the way he can. He feeds the homeless, provides for the needy and gives his voice for the voiceless. He might not be able to speak but he has his words and the whole world is listening. “It’s the best feeling that no money can buy”, Isaiah told.

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