Bride Catches Her Fiancé Sleeping With Her Bridesmaid and Tells the Insane Story in 20 Perfect Tweets

Weddings are often accompanied with a hefty serving of drama and very few of them go off exactly according to plan.

But you hope for small issues, like forgetting the flower girl’s flower petals or, as was the case at my own wedding, forgetting to bring out the bubble machine. (Seriously, how did we forget that?!)

What happened to the bride in this story was not a small issue, but she dealt with the whole thing masterfully. I’ll let her bridesmaid go ahead and share the whole sordid tale…

Let’s start at the beginning.

via: Twitter

The Twitter thread started as an explanation for why the bridesmaid had been absent from social media for the past 24 hours.

It quickly spiraled from there, though.

Ooh, drama!

That’s right. Gather your drama llamas and call them to dinner.

We’ve got a feast for them today.

Something terrible had happened the night before the wedding.


via: Twitter

The bride-to-be had caught her fiancé in bed with one of her bridesmaids.

(Obviously, not the one posting the tweets.)

Oh. Em. Gee.

I know.

Pretty unbelievable, right? Well, that’s nowhere near the end of it.

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