8 Different Ways To Find Out The Person You Are Dating Is A Man Or A Boy

Men are from Mars while Women are from Venus, this difference is genders could not have been specified more clearly.
The beauty lies in appreciating this difference, we completely agree.
But how different are their mindsets.
The manner in which they choose their partner is especially intriguing to know.
There is no single pattern which can be observed when it comes to women finding their partners.
At times they love being in control, while at times they love to pass on the baton to the other gender.
They love to shower affection while love being showered with praises too.
Today, we are going to look at different ways in which a woman might be able to identify the person she is dating is a man or a boy.


If a person is not willing to let go of his pet peeves no matter what, then that person you are dating is a boy.
And if you are with someone who wouldn’t mind to go that extra mile for you, then that person you are dating is a man.

Rough phase

Every couple have to go through the ordeal of rough times which bestow upon them.
How we react to that particular situation speaks a lot about us.
A boy would want to play the game of blame and transfer all the problems to his partner.
While a man would take it all in, consult his partner and then come up with a solution to battle it.

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