Fashion Fails That Are So Ridiculous You Won’t Believe They’re Real

Look, I am no fashion expert. I buy my clothes at one of the few convenient stores within driving distance of my apartment. I like to be comfortable and look presentable. I’m not up on the latest hip trends or what have you. But I will venture to say that I can tell when fashion is bad. When it has failed miserably. Honestly, you do not need a degree in fashion design to know that the pictures you are about to see are truly hot messes.

Whether it is poorly placed words or graphics, confusing design placement, or just straight-up ugliness, these fashion choices are sure to blow your mind. And not in a good way. You would think with clothes that are mass-produced, like most of the designs in this gallery, a team of people has thought about it, played with the design, figured out what worked and what didn’t. Clearly, that didn’t happen with these.

These photos are cringe-worthy.

They’re terrifying. They’re ugly on a level that you might not even realize was possible.

Animal Cruelty Club

Hood on vs. hood off from CrappyDesign

This is why you don’t put graphics too far up on a hoodie! You have to wear your hood up if you don’t want people to think you club baby seals for fun.

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