Footage Of Alleged Groping Incident By Tennessee Patrol Officer Released

No human civilization could be known of favoring wrong doings like that of se*ual misconduct or harassment. Even then, the chances of getting the scenario changed are bleak. A number of efforts are put in to alter the prevailing scenario, but still the fortune time is awaited for. The incidents of se*ual abuse had increased infinitely.


Just last August, a parole officer was accused of groping a 29-year-old mother called Patricia Aileen Wilson, during a traffic stop over a seat belt.


Afterwards, the woman filed a lawsuit claiming that a state highway parol officer searched her without any reason, groped her and waited for three hours near her home to harass again.

It was obvious for a 25-year-old Campbell County PD trooper Isaiah Lloyd to be intent on the Highway Patrol Trooper, by virtue of his accountability for the se*ual misconduct. The suit seeks $100,000 in damages.


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