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Friendly Dog Knows How to Entertain Passengers on Long Flight

Ever got on a long haul flight, taken out your overpriced airport Vitamin Water and candy, to turn around and discover that your seat buddy is harier than Nev from Catfish?

Now I’m not talking about a grizzly fellow, I’m talking about a bonafide dog. I know what you’re thinking: “Whaaat, don’t dogs get shipped in cargo in scary-looking prison cages like the ones I’ve seen in the movies?” Not always. And having a dog above board can actually really improve the journey.

You might think a dog would be a nightmare on an airplane, howling through the entire flight, but, as these cute pics will show, some dogs can actually improve the long haul experience.

Dogs and planes go way back.

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Did you ever hear about the British television show, Come Outside?

My British cousins were obsessed with it and brought the VHS over when they came to stay. I think this television series about a lady that traveled around in her private plane with her doggo going on adventures was the first time I saw a dog on a plane.

Granted, though, it was just a show.

I mean, in reality, it does seem a little silly…

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Dogs aren’t human, right?

Surely, when we go to stay with family and friends out of state, we should just get someone to watch them? Taking your dog with you on vacation seems kind of odd…

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