Hilarious Photos Taken at the Gym That Will Leave You in Tears

Because of the fact that most people try to stay in shape, all kinds of people go to the gym. As a result, gym-goers occasionally run into some pretty interesting people. Whether it’s someone who doesn’t know how to use a machine, someone in an outrageous outfit, or anything else, hilarity has ensued in all kinds of funny gym photos. Here are some of the best we’ve seen.

Man’s best friend

As they say, the dog is man’s best friend. So who wouldn’t want to go to the gym with their best friend? Most gyms aren’t dog-friendly, but fortunately for some, there is the occasional gym that will let patrons bring their pets in. One guy took advantage of that in a hilarious way.

@cuernavaca_more via Twitter

This guy’s adorable dog doesn’t want his owner to stretch alone! The two are getting a great warm-up in before the workout starts, and the dog is even looking at the camera for the picture! There couldn’t be better timing, and this guy will probably get this picture framed and place it somewhere in his house.

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