30 Hilariously Terrible Tattoos That Are Actually Really Endearing

Generally, when people get tattoos on their body, tattoos that will be there forever, they want something beautiful, meaningful, and in all other ways attractive. Not so for the customers of Helena Fernandes! This Brazilian tattoo artist has created her own niche in the tattoo world. She can’t draw. Her artistic skills are not what you would call conventionally…good. But she has owned the idea of the “ugly tattoo,” and that has people lining up around the block.

Her drawings are crude and odd and weird but in the best way possible. Seriously, they fall into that “so bad they’re good” category that is very hard to achieve. She tackles all sorts of subjects in her work, from animals to superheroes to strange monster creatures, but they all have one thing in common: They are all uniquely Helena. Not gonna lie; after looking at her Instagram account, I kind of want one of these silly little tattoos!

This is Helena.

via: instagram

She’s not the most classically talented artist in the world, but boy does she have a voice and a unique way of drawing.

Cat wearing hat and boots

via: instagram

I’m already in love. This little weird cat is super charming and silly. I just can’t get over all the details on this cat…if you know what I’m saying.

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