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Hysterical Tinder Profiles That Are Totally Swipe-Right Worthy

The world of online dating is, to put it mildly, and interesting place. It’s not bad enough to be single and looking for love, but you’re now forced to contend with Catfishers, people only interested in obtaining naked pictures of you, and people so bizarre that their dating profiles are filled to the brim with a red flag after red flag.

And while these days there are a plethora of dating sites and apps to choose from, there are some that have a better reputation for the odds of finding true love than others. Tinder tends to be at the bottom of the barrel and is more associated with random hook-ups than meeting your soulmate. But, after seeing the following 30 profiles, you might change your mind about this divisive app.

These Tinder profiles range from hilarious to creative to genuinely sweet, and they might just be enough to make you happy about being single. Or, at least, less horrendously depressed about it.

This pun-filled profile

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When you go through something traumatic like losing a limb, you have two choices: Be bummed out about it for the rest of your life, or make hilarious jokes about it like Lauren.

Be like Lauren.

This dark yet relatable statement

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With everything that’s going on in the news these days, is there really anyone among us who can’t relate to this morbid yet hilarious statement?

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