17 Impressive Stories when a TV-Show helped people lose weight

Popular TV reality show “My 600-lb-life” helps people with obesity lose weight and improve their health. The participants literally shock viewers with the numbers on the scales that are often over 600 lb. Millions of viewers can’t stay indifferent to the way such people live and how they overcome the difficulties.

Amber Rachdi

© TLC, © amberrachdi / instagram

Amber Rachdi was an overweight insecure girl who knew only one way to comfort herself — food. By the time Amber turned 24 years old, her weight was critical — around 660 lb. She moved from the apartment she rented to live with her parents because she could no longer take care of herself. Her daily diet consisted of 4 giant meals and she ate a heap of candy in between.

When Amber joined the project, she had to say “goodbye” to this lifestyle. She had a gastric bypass surgery and she started working on herself. She went to the gym and saw a therapist and the results were amazing. Just 6 months after the surgery, Rachdi lost more than 88 lb and a year later, she lost an additional 55 lb. After she lost weight, Amber broke up with her boyfriend who didn’t mind her gaining weight and married another man.

Christina Phillips

Christina Phillips grew up in a family where her parents argued all the time so the girl ate a lot to escape from the problems. By the age of 12, she weighed 286 lb, and by 25, she weighed more than 660 lb. The girl became insecure, she stopped leaving her house and she was fully dependent on her mother and her husband.

Christina managed to lose 522 lb in just 2 years. She had a gastric bypass surgery. Apparently, she is not going to stop there as she continues to eat healthy food and exercise. But doctors are now worried about Christina becoming anorexic.

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