Do You Remember The Girl On The Right? Someone Found More Pics of Her, And They’re Surprising

Do you remember the distracted boyfriend’s girl Carla Ramos? The memes of this series hit the internet and went viral for days, but it seems that the girl is still here to stay and hit the internet for few more days. The distracted boyfriend series can be termed as ancient, but the girl is still there to rule the hearts of many with her surprising and appealing expressions. The memes come and go, but Carla has rocked the internet with her extraordinary and annoying expressions. Here are few more pictures of Carla Ramos which may make you believe that this girl can easily be shocked by almost anything in the world.

The distracted boyfriend

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o girl can share her man with another lady. You can see how this girl is getting agitated and irritated by her distracted boyfriend who is trying to steal his eyes from his girlfriend and checking another girl who walked past him. So if this happens with any girl, it is quite evident for her to give those irritating and annoyed looks.

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