Khloe Kardashian Turns off Instagram Comments After Being Trolled for Unrecognizable Selfie

You can always count on a Kardashian to bring the controversy – but the latest moves of younger sis, Khloe, has got social media users scratching their heads. She’s undergone a pretty intense transformation over the past months, and her latest change has been so obvious that fans just can’t ignore it.

In some recent Insta-pots, Khloe’s lips look visibly plumped and fuller, and people are pretty convinced that it’s the result of some cosmetic intervention. And her latest snap is probably her most obviously altered yet.

But instead of owning up to – or at least addressing – the claims, Khloe went for a pretty bizarre strategy. Check out the pictures (and responses) for yourself!

Love them or hate them, you’ll know about the Kardashians.

via: Getty Images

The infamous sisters have built viable careers out of… well, not much really. Which, in a way, is a talent in itself.

But of the sisters, there was always something of an odd one out.

via: Getty Images

The youngest Kardashian (and the middle sister of the whole Kardashian-Jenner clan) is Khloe. And since the sisters landed on our screens, many have pointed out that she doesn’t look quite like her siblings.

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