Moments of Expectation vs. Reality That Will Make You Weep

Ah, expectations. What a fraught and complicated concept. Charles Dickens wrote a rather a thick book about expectations (Great Expectations). But thick books by dead men are not why we are here today. We are here today to explore the concept of expectations and explain how even the slightest bit of hope that something will turn out a certain way can be crushed into oblivion by the heavy weight of reality.

Although it sucks, it is true: Reality is never as good as –let alone better than– your expectations. Much of this is the fault of the companies who falsely advertise their products. And yet, somehow people all over the world are duped every single day into buying things that do not look like the picture.

Here are some of the most offensive examples of expectations vs. reality that we could find.

Sometimes things don’t work out the way you think they will.

Honestly, that’s OK. A part of growing up is realizing that life will not always treat you fairly. But that doesn’t stop these incidences from being truly horrifying.

Smiling terror

Via: Reddit

This is a warped funhouse version of this snack, which, based on the description, I would still totally eat.

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