10+ Moments Where The T-Shirt Was Just Right

Daily fashion has become very famous since the last few decades and people have started dressing up more casual. They wear t-shirts and more casual clothing mostly. Hence, you will even see people wearing graphic t-shirts with a blazer at office meetings.

A lot of times the shirts are plain, a lot of times they are unremarkable. But every now and then, you will see the graphic t-shirt stumbling into a celebrity encounter with a connection between the two.

Although it is a very rare thing to happen, it really does. It is very obvious why the celebrities and the fans want to click a picture instantly. Moreover, commemorate the moment!

Here are some of such moments that are worth cherishing.

Never wear a Patriot t-shirt in front of the Colt’s QB

Even if you have to go meet them, at least wear a t-shirt that is not of the opponent team. We can clearly see who Andrew Luck’s favourite is.

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