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The 28 Most Awkward Moments We’ve Ever Experienced

Thank God for AskReddit. AskReddit is like playing a game of Never Have I Ever, except you’ve never done any of the things people are asking, and all of your friends are psychopaths. Okay, so maybe not at all like never-have-I-ever. But we digress.

Recently, user OmarFromtheWire2 asked for people’s most awkward stories, and we compiled our favorites for your reading pleasure.

Get ready. It’s about to get embarrassing.

So curl into that awkward ball you know and love, because this first one is a real doozy.

The Third-Wheel Gone Wrong


I was driving, third Wheeling with a buddy and his girlfriend and the broke up after a heavy argument during dinner, before the movie. I had to drive them to their own houses and I dropped the girl off last and got a whole ear full of what my buddy was like to her. –The_CreamPaisano

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