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What Does “the Most Beautiful Little Girl in the World” Look Like Now?

It seems that Thylane Blondeau was destined for greatness since before she was even born.

This up-and-coming model is only 16, and already has a hefty track record – which she began working on at the tender age of 4, when her first foray into modeling already made waves in the high-fashion industry.

But Blondeau’s career isn’t a simple story. In addition to her phenomenal success, a controversy riddles her past. Where did this blue-eyed girl come from, what has she been through, and where is she now?

Read on to find out.

Born in the Spotlight

Thylane Blondeau was born in the spotlight – almost literally.

Born in 2001 to French soccer star Patrick Blondeau and TV presenter and actress Véronika Loubry, Blondeau was never a stranger to celebrity life. But in addition to fame and fortune, Thylane also inherited her parents’ stunning looks – which led them to consider a child modeling career for her.

Image by @thylaneblondeau/Instagram

They decided she should try it, but even with their faith in their daughter, they could never have predicted just how far she’d come, and how quickly she’d do it.

Thylane’s Father

Thylane’s father, Patrick Blondeau, is an international soccer player. He has played for and captained teams in both the French Ligue 1 and the British Premier League. His professional career was highly successful, but today, he no longer plays, but rather, focuses on coaching.

Image by @thylaneblondeau/Instagram

But while her father is a good looking man who’s no stranger to public appearances and bespoke clothing, Thylane’s real connection to the fashion and modeling world was originally made through her mother, whose affinity to fashion is much, much stronger.

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