The 75 Most Daring Dresses Celebrities Have Ever Worn

Say what you want about celebs – they sure know how to get everyone talking. And one of the best ways to get the job done? Well, through the magic of fashion, of course. When it comes to breaking the internet through their sartorial choices, there seems to be one clear route for celebrities to go down. The best method to garner maximum attention? By getting (almost) naked, of course!

Whether they’re flashing some flesh, wearing clothes that look more like an optical illusion, bending rules of gender, or freeing the nips, we’ve selected sixty of the most shocking celebrities dresses of all time.

Ming Xi.

via: Getty Images

The Victoria’s Secret After Party was obviously a rich source of nearly-naked vibes, as this Chinese supermodel proves.

Kim Kardashian.

No nude-illusion list would be complete without Kim – and this optical illusion look that she wore to the E! People’s Choice Awards in 2018 is pretty special.

Deepika Padukone.


via: Getty Images

Proving you can look naked and classy is the Indian actress, also at Cannes.

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