The 75 Most Daring Dresses Celebrities Have Ever Worn

Miley Cyrus (again again).

via: Getty Images

This 2014 Miley Cyrus ensemb is a prime example of a celebrity showing up to an event topless and using whatever they have available — in this case, electrical tape — to cover up so they’re allowed in.

Miley Cyrus (the girl can’t stop).

via: Getty Images

Listen, Miley Cyrus just clearly wants to go to events nude, and who are we to stop her? Let the girl live.

Britney Spears.

via: Getty Images

Again, being in Hollywood is all about projecting an air of wealth and power. For Britney to show up to the 2001 American Music Awards in a dress made of denim — the workin’ man’s material — shows a ton of bravery (and maybe the first hints of the class solidarity we’re seeing from her today?).

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