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People of the Internet Share Their Craziest Stories

You can find all sorts of crazy things on the internet if you search hard enough. And, sometimes, you don’t even need to try. Sometimes you end up falling into the deepest depths of the world wide web with no way to escape.

You come to that point where you start questioning yourself, thinking, “how on Earth did I get to this?” but, I’m telling you now, ignore that voice that tells you to stop and keep going. You’re already in far too deep to quit now.

Reading this article is probably going to be one of those moments for you, but it’s all going to be worth it once you start reading some of these ridiculously crazy stories that I found on Reddit. Let me share with you what half the world gets up to while you’re going about your daily life.

Before I start, I must warn you, because of my own morals, this could scar you a little.

So read at your own risk.

Drug Pilot.

via: Getty Images

I’ll start you off easy.

The first story is about a person on Reddit who decided to come clean about the secret life that he was living. He thought that it would be a good idea to obtain a pilot’s license in order to smuggle drugs across the country. So he did. He became a qualified pilot and transported thirty thousand dollars worth of marijuana back and forth.

He warned everyone that the anxiety of the situation wasn’t worth the money.

“I can’t tell anyone about the coolest/dumbest thing I’ve ever done,” he says, while simultaneously telling the whole of the internet via this Reddit thread. Let’s hope that the police aren’t reading his post as we speak…

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