28 People Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You

Everyone likes to believe that their bad days are worse than someone else’s bad day. That’s just human nature. The reality, however, is that your bad day might not seem as bad when you compare it to someone else’s. Not that you should compare, but someone else is always having a worse day. I mean, that’s how you give yourself peace of mind right? Knowing that just because your hairbrush broke before work, someone else might be dealing with a WAY worse problem. In the moment it’s hard to think about that stuff. In the moment, you are upset, emotional and maybe even a little angry. You don’t have time to think about other people and their issues. But, it’s always nice to try and think of the bigger picture.

So My Sister Got Her Allergy Test Done And She Was Allergic To Everything They Tested For. Her Worst Reaction Was To Horses


Reddit user lofty_ginger submitted this photo, writing “So my sister got her allergy test done and she was allergic to everything they test for. Her worst reaction was to horses”. Not only is it crappy to be allergic to things, but also after to have your back look like this. YIKES!

This is the opposite of resting in peace.

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