People who asked for Photoshop help and got hilarious results

Nowadays, since every phone has a camera, we have become used to documenting our lives on a daily basis. Many pictures are taken, but most of them are nowhere close to being Instagram worthy. Even when we get lucky and take the perfect shot, there is usually some tiny thing that ruins it. It might be something in the background or just a tiny little detail, like a wardrobe malfunction, and once you see it, it becomes so annoying that you wish it would just disappear. Well, it can – and there are experts in the field that can help you have the perfect picture! However, not every Photoshop expert is actually out there to help you, especially a man on Twitter named James Fridman. Here are some of the best examples of people asking James for Photoshop help and receiving hilarious photos in return!

Sisterly love


Siblings spend their entire childhood together, mostly fighting, so no wonder they don’t care about each other very much when they grow up. Usually, they aggravate each other easily and don’t care much about pleasing each other. So, having fun together is almost a mission impossible without the proper help in the form of a Photoshop expert. If he new what having a good time next to a sister meant.

Tooth for a tooth


We cannot change the way other people look like in the pictures. Usually, people that don’t care much about their looks always appear rather happy, but with some of their imperfections pretty much visible. It doesn’t bother them, but it could ruin the photo for others. If you care about the looks, that is. Let me correct the first statement – someone can change the way people appear in the pictures, see.

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