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75+ People Who Didn’t Realize They Were Talking to the Expert

Um, whoops.

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It was definitely possible for a Japanese major to make a mistake (I’ve been speaking English since I was born and I mess it up all the time).

But this “Okay yes am not smart I mistranslated it” tells the entire story. It is deeply satisfying to see someone admit they’re wrong.

You know, she kinda does…

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Maybe I’m crazy, but in looking at that split-screen, I think she looks younger in the picture on the left, which was taken after The Office ended.

And I am not just saying that to try and score brownie points with Jenna Fischer, who I’ve had a crush on since season one of The Office. I am not.

“Hey buddy, why don’t you spend more time with an equally valid medium?!”

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As a video game player myself, I hate this stigma that books are somehow more valid than video games.

We don’t say oil paintings are any better than gauche paintings, do we? Different artistic mediums are just different, they’re no better and no worse than each other! Criminey!

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