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75+ People Who Didn’t Realize They Were Talking to the Expert

Always assume everyone is Stanton.

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If, at the next conference you go to, you just begin each conversation with, “Hello Stanton,” sure, you’ll confuse some people.

But is that worse than talking to Stanton and not calling them Stanton? I say no.

Margaret Atwood needs to get around to checking out this Handmaid’s Tale thing.

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Here’s my big question about this guy — what did he disagree wit in Atwood’s tweet? “Women must heed the warning?”

Did he watch The Handmaid’s Tale and think, “Women got it pretty good here”?

Young Thug has a pretty great go-to response.

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But what we’re all wondering — and I’m sure the grandkids are wondering too — is this:

Did he pull up his pants?

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