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75+ People Who Didn’t Realize They Were Talking to the Expert

One cool thing about Chipper Jones: he’s a first-ballot MLB Hall of Famer.

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Another cool thing about Chipper Jones: he cold rob the Atlanta Braves blind if he wanted to, what with all this unfettered access. The security guard would never know.

“Do your research” is code for “I’ve decided I’m right and am done listening to you prove me wrong.”

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One key phrase that will tell you you’ve won an argument is when your opponent says “do your research.” If they had an argument, they’d just make it themselves.

He’s America’s dad.

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Does this count as a celebrity sighting? If this dude texted all his friends about this, would they think it’s cool, or would they be like, “So? I’ve got a dentist with kids too, dude.”

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