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75+ People Who Didn’t Realize They Were Talking to the Expert

Clinical aromatherapist

A clinical aromatherapist? from insanepeoplefacebook

Sorry, but a clinical aromatherapist (whatever that is) does not out-rank an actual “medical professional,” whether a doctor, a nurse, or someone who works reception in a doctor’s office.

Pit bulls

Professional dog behaviorist for the win!! Pit bulls are such sweet animals. Retrievers and labs can actually naturally be really crazy. Pit bulls are so much better than their reputation.

Democratic party

Not only did this guy totally insult the former spokesman for the Democratic Party, but he also thought it was called the Democrat Party. What world is this man living in?

The owner

And that’s what you get if you try to play the owner of the arcade. Also, $5 an hour is very reasonable!!! Just pay it!