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75+ People Who Didn’t Realize They Were Talking to the Expert

If you have to ask, it probably is.

via: Reddit

Sometimes, people online make jokes. You’d do well to remember that before you start replying. It’s just a good check: “is this so off-base it must be ironic?”

The Battle of the Book-Writers.

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One thing that is very funny to me is that one guy posted a book he wrote on the topic they’re talking about, and the other guy published a book that proves he’s incredibly, stupidly biased.

The wildlife technicians roam among us.

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I wonder what the internet would be like if we assumed everyone was an expert on what they were talking about? What if, when we saw something we disagreed with, we approached it with curiosity? Like, “I thought x, but you think y. Why is that?”

Eh, I’m sure we’d get to name-calling just as fast as we would’ve otherwise.

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