People who’ve Woken up from a Coma have shared Terrifying Insights

At some point in your life, it’s likely that you’ll be diagnosed with a medical condition or two. And, luckily, whether you suffer from a minor issue or something more serious, you can usually rely on doctors to help get you back on your feet. On the other hand, if your ailment is more acute, a trained healthcare professional may be powerless to treat you.

Image: via IMDb / Foundry

If you’re in a coma, for instance, medics may just have to play the waiting game. And one of the reasons why this remains the case is that much of what happens while a patient is comatose is still a mystery – despite recent advances in medical technology. Yes, while we know some of the factors that can trigger comas, experts are largely in the dark when it comes to what patients actually think and feel while in this peculiar state. As a consequence, then, the insights of people who have once been comatose are almost invaluable.

Image: kupicoo/Getty Image

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