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8 Tips to Find the Perfect Party Dress for Your Body Shape

Women often spend hours in front of an open wardrobe looking for the perfect dress for a special occasion. Finding that one dress that will show off your figure may be very difficult to do without knowing the exact type of your figure.

Diamond shape

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A diamond-shaped body usually has more at the waist and hips rather than the shoulders and breasts. Thus, your aim is to add more harmony by choosing a belted dress that cinches the waist. An off-the-shoulder or V-neck dress would also suit you beautifully.

Famous celebs with diamond-shaped bodies are Kate Winslet and Queen Latifah. Kate did well by selecting an off-the-shoulder dress in the picture on the right.

Spoon shape

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The spoon-shaped body is a bit different to that of the pear, with a more defined line of the upper hip, which looks more like a spoon. Celebrities that boast spoon-shaped bodies include Cheryl Burke, Beyoncé, and America Ferrera.

Dresses for spoon-shaped figures include pencil dresses with ruffled and puffy upper parts. Beyoncé’s figure looks more balanced in the black pencil dress with ruffled shoulders on the right.

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