Photos That Will Make Your Brain Say ‘Nope’

Heh heh heh, hah hah hah.

Someone made this Jason Voorhees statue an, in an act of supreme cruelty, tossed it into a lake for some poor scuba diver to see (and be scared to death by).

“Hey guys! Guys! Watch this!”

This guy has total “toddler who knows how to do a side-kick and wants to show all his mom’s friends” energy. We get it Davey, you’re very talented. Now go play Nintendo.

Come again?

via: Reddit

Tarantulas? Scary. Tarantula hawks? Even scarier — what, are tarantulas taking to the skies? And to throw a dash of wasp in there too? Yes, I don’t know what to do if I’m bitten by a tarantula hawk wasp — cry until it finishes eating me.

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