Photos That Will Make Your Brain Say ‘Nope’

“Goodbye forever.”

Who just hops in a hole like this? People looking to get out of their student loans by disappearing deep into the earth, that’s who.

Well, feeling safe in the world was a nice feeling while it lasted.

I don’t know how big the biggest knife I own is, but I’ll tell you this — it’s not big enough to ever make me feel comfortable going to sleep now that I’ve seen this.

Some wasps have kids with mantises, and that’s okay.

Remember when superhero movies stopped trusting a single villain to carry a movie, so they started pairing up B-tier villains like Catwoman and The Penguin in Batman Returns and Sandman and Venom in Spider-Man 3? Well, none of them were as bad as this.

Oh, trees bleed now? I must’ve missed that memo.

The only logical explanation for this .gif is that a CIA experiment has gone wrong and a man was turned into a tree, and then someone accidentally stabbed that men-tree.

It’s just so wobbly.

This would be much less nope-worthy if my man here didn’t sway to one side before he hopped off the building. For my sake, I hope in the future he tip-toes to the edge and gingerly hops off.


Woman discovers that her headaches have been caused by a spider living in her ear.

I will have to one day battle this creature. It is my destiny. Of this I am certain.

via: Reddit

This is the Harpy Eagle! A very big eagle. Just so people know, this is a real animal. It has a beak, not a mouth. It’s not a person in a costume either!

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