Pickup Lines That Prove Online Dating Is Both Awful and Hilarious

For most of us, online dating is a huge drag. For every exciting match, there’s a gross pickup line. For every fun conversation about your favorite movies, there’s a dull conversation about what you got up to this weekend. For every solid first date, there’s ghosting. It is exhausting! No one would blame online daters for asking if the whole endeavor is even worth it.

But sometimes, an online date can prove its worth in the very first pickup line. Once in a great while, you get a prompt from a new Tinder or Bumble match that’s so much fun you can’t help but giggle. And so, in an effort to save you from having to swipe for hours to find that one hilarious diamond in the rough, we’ve collected the best opening conversations from the /r/Tinder subreddit for you.

Take a second to consider these polar bear questions.


GUY: How much does a polar bear weigh?

GIRL: Enough to break the ice 😉

GUY: You’d think that but no, polar bears live on ice, that’d be pretty dumb if they fell through it all the time.
– Double-0-N00b

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