16 Women Who Prove That Skinny Isn’t Always The Best Option

The ‘skinny is best’ rule is out and more and more people are warming up to body positivity. But there are some names who have been doing it for years now, and you just haven’t noticed. Skin and bones are dated and curves are seriously in. You can thank the Kardashians or Beyonce or even some runway sensations but the plus size is taking over everything.

But why did the anorexic look die out? As more and more stars leaned towards healthier diets and moved away from nutrition fads and started paying attention what their body needs, rather than what the runway or the screen needs them to do, they learned that not all curves are bad. You can be curvy, healthy and happy. ‘90s supermodels might not relate to it, but staying curvy really is the newest fad, and people are loving it. So, who are the women who are owning their curves and the world?

Kim Kardashian

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Perhaps the only name you need to know when it comes to body positivity. Kim has not just inspired millions of women to love their body, she has represented the reality of how they should view their own bodies, and exactly how they can feel better about themselves.

Khloe Kardashian

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Khloe has perhaps struggled with her body for the longest, but the reality TV star never gave up trying. And once she got her curves she knew it was time to stop as she never really wanted to lose her figure completely.

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