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Student Goes Viral for Her Reaction to See-Through Dress She Bought Online

There’s a reason that online shopping has been made into a viral meme. The “when you order something online vs. when it arrives” trope is so universally known that it’s been applied everywhere you can think of, from pop stars to politicians. The joke format perfectly encapsulates expectation as opposed to reality but in a pretty much universally accessible human experience.

Even though the joke has been seen before, sometimes there’s a particular example which perfectly captures the internet’s attention. Such was the experience of one student, who purchased a dress online which turned out to be far more explicit than she was expecting. But what really got people talking? Her absolutely hilarious reaction to her disappointing purchase.

We have all the pictures right here for your enjoyment – and perhaps to act as a cautionary tale for the next time you’re tempted to hit “add to cart.”

There’s nothing like a bit of retail therapy.

While it’s never a long-term solution to a low mood or high stress, there’s no denying shopping can be good fun.

And nowadays, we have even more access to shopping.

Because you can actually make purchased all from the comfort of your own home, without even having to leave.

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