10+ Things You Were Unaware Of About Your Favourite Disney Princesses

Every girl grows up watching the Disney Classic movies and fantasizing about them. Many of them even wore the costumes of their favorite princesses on their birthday bash and danced all around the house. Some even do so as adults, keeping judgments aside. However, the memories are worth cherishing forever.

Although, did you know all that these girls were holding out? Did Snow White really reveal her age? did Cinderella say what her shoe size really was? Exactly!!!

So, here are all the secrets revealed. Hold tight because you are going to be super shocked!

The ice palace and its mood swings!

The ice palace changes colour according to her mood. It turns blue when she is happy, red when she is scared. Yellow at the moment of anger and purple during sadness. Maybe it will look like a disco ball, when she is super moody.

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