This Is How We Reacted in the Time Before Reaction GIFs

Sometimes, emojis just don’t cut it. We need a moving picture to fully describe how we feel, something that can entirely encapsulate our emotions, without words. GIFs have done just that, and sometimes they go above and beyond accomplishing modern communication methods. They are almost guaranteed to better explain your feelings while texting or tweeting. They always just get the job done, with accuracy and most importantly, top-notch humor.

Can you imagine a world without GIFs? I know my life would have a lot less meaning, and I would constantly feel misunderstood. Considering I can hold an entire conversation with GIFs and GIFs alone, I know the importance of a good moving photo. But how did we communicate pre-GIF? Or, as I like to call it, B.G. (before GIF)?

Thankfully, someone tweeted this profound thought and everyone shared what life was like before we had the beautiful GIFs to do our bidding and man is it nostalgic. Let’s just say, we are forever grateful for GIFs.

First of all, let’s talk pronunciation.

Before we get into a full-on history lesson about GIFs, let’s make sure we’re all saying it right.

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