Tinder Horror Stories That Will Make You Want To Delete The App

Long ago we said goodbye to meeting people organically, writing love letters and the traditional way of dating. The digital era introduced new forms of meeting people, going on dates, and eventually getting you your happily ever after. If you’re searching for a relationship or a casual fling, Tinder is definitely the place to look. However, these Tinder users got a little more than they bargained for – a true dating horror story! Prepare yourself for these excruciatingly embarrassing, yet rather hilarious, Tinder horror stories that will make you throw your phone out of the window and possibly never use the app again.

A Shoulder to Cry On


This girl went on a date with a perfect 10. He was incredibly handsome, super cute and fun. However, there was a catch. In the middle of the date, he pulled out his phone to show her photos of his son (who he hadn’t seen for quite some time) and made her look through all 300 photos while telling her the story behind each one. Well, it did seem too good to be true!

A Date In Prison


This Tinder couple got together near a lake which had strict hours. The boy swore he had never seen cops there before. However, just a couple of minutes later a police car stopped nearby and they were caught trespassing. They spent the rest of their date behind bars.

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