9 Items in a Woman’s Wardrobe That Drive Men Crazy

In accordance with studies on this subject, when we meet a person for the first time we assess them by 3 main parameters: appearance, voice, and speech. It also turns out that 7% of the first impression depends on the topic of conversation, 38% – on voice and its tone, and 55% – on appearance. That’s why there’s the saying “First you judge how nice, then you judge how wise,” and it’s even more relevant when men judge women. So, ladies, keep this knowledge in mind if you want to impress everyone around you.

1. Sundresses

© christyhandmadedress / instagram, © flamango_boutique / instagram

It’s hard to imagine a more refined, gentle, and feminine outfit than a sundress. If it fits a woman’s body type then it literally turns any woman into a goddess. That’s why men become braver and initiate a conversation, because it’s impossible to resist a girl in a wonderful dress which outlines body curves and flows gracefully in the wind.

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