Why More and More Women Have Stopped Shaving Nowadays

About 85% of women in the US may be removing their hair regularly or even on a daily basis. The idea of shaving isn’t new, since women in ancient Egypt and Rome might have been already removing their body hair and considered keeping it uncivilized. But the times have changed and many women nowadays have decided to ditch shaving and keep their natural look.

Women see it as their way of accepting their bodies and an act of self-love.

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Beauty standards and society may make women self-conscious about the way they look, and having body hair is a part of this. But some women have decided to put their own interests first and choose what’s best for their bodies, regardless of what other people expect from them. And it’s not about judging people who prefer to shave, but about your body and making decisions for yourself.

  • I stopped shaving probably about a year ago. I just decided to stop caring about what other people thought about my body hair, and I became much happier with my body. Plus, I get a lot of ingrown hairs and have sensitive skin, so not shaving makes me physically more comfortable. @ Queerandcurious / reddit
  • I started shaving my legs when I was 14. I’m in New Zealand and it’s warm here. I ride a bike everywhere and wearing jeans while you ride your bike is fine in the winter, but it’s horrendous in summer. So I decided that I’m wearing shorts from now on. Humans are mammals. Mammals have hair. And while I still have over 20 years’ worth of social conditioning that tells me that shaved legs look better… for sure, they don’t look good enough to be worth all the trouble. @ unknown / reddit

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