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Wild Deer Crashes Wedding Shoot to Eat Bride’s Bouquet

When you picture your future wedding photos, you don’t exactly imagine being surrounded by wild animals, do you? Well, I’m sure this couple didn’t either.

But during the photoshoot on their happy day, one gatecrasher completely stole the show – A wild, yet thankfully very friendly deer.

The animal expertly photobombed the couple during their photoshoot, and contently nibbled on the brides’ bouquet, resulting in some amazing photos. Keep scrolling to see the photoshoot, which certainly puts every other wedding album to shame.

Laurenda Marie is a specialized, Michigan-based wedding photographer.

via: Laurena Marie Photography

Everyone wants the photos from their big day to be perfect.

via: Laurenda Marie Photography

And Laurenda certainly delivers.

Her portfolio boasts an impressive array of beautiful weddings in the most gorgeous locations.

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