Woman Returns from Vacation with Stray Dog Who Wouldn’t Leave Her Side

Going on vacation is a time to relax, put your feet up, and forget about the outside world for a week or 2.

We often bring home souvenirs and gifts when returning from vacation, but a dog isn’t usually on the list of popular memorabilia.

One woman from the U.K was vacationing in Turkey when the stray dog that stuck by her side for the entire getaway stole caught her heart.

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Going on vacation is always an exciting time..

via: Getty Images

Taking time off from the hectic life of working, paying bills, and all of that other boring stuff is essential for us to relax and wind-down.

Sun, sea, and sand…

The most popular type of vacation is a sun, sea, and sand type that consists of nothing but relaxing on a hot beach with a cocktail in hand.

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