Woman Returns from Vacation with Stray Dog Who Wouldn’t Leave Her Side

So it’s pretty easy to get attached…

via: Getty Images

Yasemin Baban, who has worked tirelessly for the last decade rescuing stray cats and dogs from the streets of Istanbul, spoke to CNN about these poor animals.

“They cannot talk. They don’t steal. They just want food and affection.”

A lot of Istanbul’s dogs find refuge right here in the United States.

via: Getty Images

Baban found a partner here in the United States who set up Adopt a Golden Atlanta, which has already taken in 123 dogs from Istanbul and found them new homes.

“We continue to help every golden retriever that we know about,” said AGA president, Lauren Genkinger. “It doesn’t matter if they are in Georgia, the Carolinas, New York or wherever they are. We will never let a golden retriever die in a shelter if we know about it.”

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